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Classic Alvis, Classic Alvis For Sale

Following their debut in 1919, English-made Alvis automobiles became known for their high-quality craftsmanship and reliable performance. The Alvis Car and Engineering Company in Coventry manufactured cars from 1919 to 1967. In addition to producing civilian vehicles, they began to foray into the production of military... vehicles and aircraft engines during the Second World War.

Production of the first model, the 10/30, began in 1920 and continued through 1923. This model received a warm reception from the public, and this stylish, sporty convertible coupe gained notoriety for its speediness. The 10/30 gave way to other notable four-cylinder models, such as the 12/50,12/60, and Firefly.

By the 1930s, they began production of much-heralded models such as the Speed 20 and Firebird.  In 1936, the Speed 25 was introduced, which boasted a six-cylinder engine and could reach a top speed of nearly 100 mph, a formidable accomplishment for its era. Soon after the war, Alvis shifted production to focus exclusively on six-cylinder, 3-liter engine models such as the TA 21, TC 21/100 (a.k.a. Grey Lady), and TD 21. Although Alvis ceased production in 1967, their lasting legacy is evidenced by the existence of an international network of enthusiasts, the Alvis Owner Club.

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