1953 Buick Super

Buick Super: Today, not much in the way of auto companies remains in the heart of Michigan. Back in the day, though, it was the place to go, whether you were looking to start life anew with a new job or hoping to visit a sort of mecca for car manufacturers all over the country. In the early 1950s, as the post-war economy boomed and brought consumers out in flocks to purchase everything from new kitchen appliances and the homes to put them in, all the way to new cars. Buick was ready and taking full advantage of their new-found buying power.

The Buick Super was produced from 1940-1958, with a brief hiatus from production during World War II. It featured the first-ever Buick V8 engine, and it’s high-compression design earned it the nickname “Fireball.” The Super got a boost in horsepower to 164 hp at 4000 rpm with the engine and hit 0-60mph in 14.5 seconds. It could reach a top speed of 94 mph, which is fairly slow by today’s standards, but at the time, wasn’t bad.


This convertible had a 3-gear, manualtransmission and had a painful 11-14 miles per gallon fuel consumption on the highway-ouch! Of course, those were the days of much cheaper gas prices, but it still makes us wince! the 1953 model featured a lower, wider grille in comparison to its 1950-1952 model year counterparts. Though this, along with a few other subtle improvements, helped improve sales by a little more than 40%, it wasn’t quite enough to stave off the wolves, and eventually, declining sales led to the line’s demise in 1958.

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