1958 Plymouth Fury

As one of the most famous movie cars, the 1958 Plymouth Fury has an intimidating look that causes people to turn heads to this day. Stephen King brought extra fame to the car in his book Christine, which later adapted into a movie. In the story, Christine is the name of a possessed vehicle that takes over her owner, Arnie.

When the car was released, it came with a price tag of $3,032, making it the most expensive Plymouth for that model year. The V8 engine that produced 225 horsepower at 4,400 rpm. The two door hardtop had a three speed manual transmission. Only 5,303 units were produced, which was significantly fewer than the previous model year.

Among the options available were power brakes and windows, air conditioning, and power steering. Today, of course, it would be hard to imagine purchasing a car without those features. Those wishing to enjoy a little more speed on the road had several options which could increase both horsepower and speed for this classic car. As time went on, the Fury name was tacked on to many Plymouth models, ranging from station wagons to police cars.

As the 1958 Plymouth Fury went from low production numbers to fame a few decades later with the release of King’s novel in the 1980s, its collector value increased, and its limited availability certainly adds to that value.

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