A Different Kind of Bird

Happy Thanksgiving! Even though we technically have another day to prepare for the festivities, we’re starting now: the turkeys have been bought, pumpkin pies are in the oven, and bread is being torn into little pieces for the perfect stuffing. So on a day devoted to giving thanks for all we are grateful for as much as it is devoted to the perfectly prepared bird-the turkey, of course!

At the same time, though, we’re giving thanks for a different type of bird, the Pontiac Firebird.

It all began in 1967, the same time as Chevrolet introduced the Camaro, when Pontiac when the first Firebird was made in Ohio. Its structure was based on the Camaro, though the taillights were akin to the GTO. The 6 cylinder, 3.8-liter engine lent the car 165hp, which could be increased with the help of a four-barrel carburetor, rather than its standard one-barrel carburetor.

The Firebird Trans Am (pictured above) came along in the second generation of Firebirds. It featured a 455 cu. in. engine, which some say made the Firebird Trans Am the last high-performance engine of the original muscle car generation, though only 7,100 were produced with this engine.

The fourth generation saw the end of the Firebird, for which production stopped in 2002. However, they used all-aluminum 5.7L engines which produced 305hp, nearly doubling the original horse power.

Though the Firebird is no more, we certainly still enjoy seeing this muscle car on the street…and even more so when there’s a yummy Thanksgiving bird inside!

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