A Look at the Ford Model T

Ford Model T: Henry Ford has gone down in history as one of the most influential industrialists the United States has ever known. Ford was born on July 30 of 1863 on a farm that was located right outside of Detroit, Michigan. Of course, Detroit went on to become the cradle of American auto making, and Henry Ford had a lot to do with that.

Among other things Ford is credited with taking the step that brought automobile ownership within reach of ordinary Americans. The first vehicle that he was able to offer to the auto buying public at an affordable price was the Ford Model T, which first came out in 1908.

Previous to this, cars were made by hand and of course that was time-consuming and labor intensive and it drove the prices of motor vehicles up and out of the reach of “everyman.” The Ford Model T was mass-produced on an assembly line and this was an innovation that changed the face of the automobile manufacturing industry.

The first 1908 Model T Fords were powered by a 177 cubic inch inline four-cylinder engine that was capable of putting out 20 hp. The Ford Model T could reach speeds approaching 45 miles per hour and it got somewhere between 13 and 21 miles on a gallon of fuel. In addition to being able to run on petrol these cars could also run on kerosene or ethanol.

The Ford Model T was without question an absolute game changer. It remained in production through 1927 and over 15 million of them were produced. In a very real sense, the Ford Model T is the Babe Ruth of classic American cars.

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