Aston Martin In Popular Culture

Few names in the pantheon of automotive manufacturers hold the same sort of notoriety for elegance and mystique as Aston Martin. The Great Britain-based brand is a notable maker of luxury sports cars, and has been heavily featured in various forms of media throughout the years. Pop culture is a great reflection of the big players of the times, and Aston Martin’s heavy presence in popular entertainment is a good reflector of their impact on the automotive landscape.

By far the most relevant instances of Aston Martin in popular media can be found throughout the James Bond series of movies and books. The Aston Martin DB3 was featured in the novel Goldfinger as Bond’s go-to speedster, while the DB5 was prominently featured in various Bond films throughout the years. To an extent, Aston Martin and James Bond have become synonymous, adding to the adventure and mystery associated with the Aston Martin brand.

The onscreen presence of Aston Martin spans further than Bond films; in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 cult classic The Birds, Tippi Hedren’s character sat behind the wheel of a silver Aston Martin DB2/4. The 1969 movie The Italian Job featured a DB4 as the vehicle of choice for Michael Caine’s character. Aston Martin has also had a presence in popular television; Sir Roger Moore drove an Aston Martin DBS in the 1971 program The Persuaders.

The Aston Martin name has even crossed over into the rap music world, with multiple Aston Martins being featured in the video for Rick Ross’ 2010 song “Aston Martin Music.” The song is a celebration of excess and the finer things in life, and the extravagance associated with the cars perfectly fits the mood. “Aston Martin Music” was a big hit, and features heavy-hitting rap star Drake, who is the former child star of Disney’s Degrassi.

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