1968 Biscayne

1968 Biscayne

1968 Chevy BiscayneThe 1968 Biscayne was the low-end model in Chevrolet’s line up of full-sized cars. GM manufactured the Biscaynes from 1958 to 1972. Only in the first year was there a lower-priced large car in the Chevrolet brand, the Delray.

Originally the Biscayne offered up two versions, the pillared two-door or four-door sedan. The 1968 Biscayne also came in a wagon format. Although the 1968 Biscayne and the other model years for this Chevrolet were largely intended for the fleet market and for use by small businesses, the general public could also purchase them. They appealed to anyone who wanted an inexpensive car with plenty of room and didn’t care about frills and extras. The Biscayne was a car that would get you from A to B and not a whole lot else.

The 1968 Biscayne could be distinguished from other full-sized cars by its two taillights on each side. The more expensive models, like the Impala had three per side. The rest of the exterior styling was nothing to write home about. The Biscayne had no chrome trim and small hubcaps. The interior was just as sparse: cloth or low-grade vinyl for the upholstery, a basic model steering wheel, and rubber mats for the floors. A few upgrades could be had for an extra cost, but the options were limited. Although the luxury styling and comfort options were not available for the 1968 Biscayne, performance options were. These included three-or four-speed transmissions or an automatic, as well as big block V8 engines.

During the second generation, the 1968 Biscayne had several engine options. The 250-cubic inch inline-six engine was the smallest option. Buyers could improve the power of their Biscayne by opting for larger V8 engines. On offer were 307, 396, and 427-cubic inch V8s. Although Chevrolet discontinued the Biscayne in 1972, the model filled an important niche for low-cost fleet cars and was a pretty successful car for the brand. Over 80,000 cars were manufactured with the Biscayne nameplate.

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1968 Biscayne
The 1968 Biscayne was the low-end model in Chevrolet’s line up of full-sized cars. GM manufactured the Biscaynes from 1958 to 1972.

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