1969 Buick Gran Sport

1969 Buick Gran Sport:

Many great classic cars and muscle cars begin as an option for an entirely different car before proving their worth in the auto industry. For some, it can take years to show just how popular the option could be as its own model, but for others, it becomes obvious very quickly that it should be much more than an option. The Buick Gran Sport is just one example of a car which originally began as an option, and in this case, the classic car Gran Sport was considered an optional package for the Buick Skylark when it was first introduced. The story of the Gran Sport began in 1965, and it would continue until 1975.

In 1969, the Buick Gran Sport was still an optional package for the Skylark, but together, they represented Buick’s fastest car that year. Two Gran Sport options were available, a 350 GS and a 400 GS. Each, of course, derived its name from their engine sizes, which were 350 and 400 cid, respectively. Each was a V8 engine. The 350 cid engine produced 280 horsepower, and the 400 cid engine produced 340 horsepower, making it quite desirable among car enthusiasts. Combined with the 4-speed manual transmission, this was a vehicle built not only to look cool, but also to impress friends on the road.

With just over 19,000 units produced, the Gran Sport option offered sleek looks and speed. The two-door vehicle was perfect for a trip to the drive-in theater, and helped usher in the ever-faster American cars of the 1970s.

Do you own, or have you owned,  a 1969 Buick Gran Sport Skylark? What did you love about this classic car? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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1969 Buick Gran Sport
In 1969, the Buick Gran Sport was still an optional package for the Skylark, but together, they represented Buick's fastest car that year.

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3 Responses to 1969 Buick Gran Sport

  1. This car has a great timeless rough American look. They do not make cars like they use too and I think that we realize that after looking at these beautiful classic cars. My dad owned one of these and still remember how great and powerful this car is. If I ever have the chance I will purchase this car and think back and remember those days. Thanks for the post!

  2. dw clausen says:

    These cars are under rated and were built with better fit and finish than its GM kin. We own a GS 400 that is still rattle free and has doors that shut like a bank vault in 2014. And this car has not been restored. As a matter of fact still wears the factory paint and vinyl interior. Dependable and will run at interstate speed all day long.

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