1957 Pontiac Bonneville

1957 Pontiac Bonneville: In the late 1950s, the Pontiac division of General Motors rolled out a model that, for most, was an unexpected candidate to be one of the fastest cars of the times. The Pontiac Bonneville was introduced in 1957, and its specifications grabbed the attention of its competitors and potential buyers alike. At the time, it was the fastest car Pontiac had produced up to that point, which made this particular model that much more noticeable.

While the car weighed a hefty 2480 pounds, it still achieved impressive numbers. In just 8.1 seconds, the 1957 Pontiac Bonneville could go from 0-60 miles per hour. The car’s top speed was 101.6 miles per hour, which allowed this model to break every record during the Daytona NASCAR trials. With around 300 horsepower, the V8 engine offered power and speed, but the car came with a less-than-popular price tag. With a starting price of $5,780, this was a model that was out of the average American’s price range. That price is equal to about $47,000 in today’s dollars. Consequently, the production numbers were only in the hundreds for the 1957 Bonneville. Two transmission types, a 3-speed automatic and 4-speed automatic were available to interested buyers. For the most part, each unit was white with red embellishments, but a handful did receive custom colors.

Today, the 1957 Bonneville commands a pretty significant selling price, in part because the low production numbers make this a model selling price, in part because the low production numbers make this a model which is not readily available to purchase. Several have sold in the $100,000 range at auctions within the past decade. Indeed, it remains among the most coveted collectible car to come off the Pontiac line. The Bonneville line endured many changes over the years before eventually coming to an end in 2005. In its near half-century run, the Bonneville enjoyed many successes and record-breaking years, but the 1957 model year is a fan favorite.

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