1973 AMC Matador

With a little Spanish flair, at least in the name, the 1973 AMC Matador had a hard time exciting the masses. In large part, these vehicles seemed to be the choice of the older generations. The new drivers of the early 1970s were simply more excited about the idea of driving a flashy new muscle car that could roar down the road and turn the heads of passersby along the way. Like many classic cars of its day, the 1973 AMC Matador was a bit boxy on the outside, though not necessarily unattractively so.

There were several different body styles available for this particular model: a 2-door hardtop, a 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan, and a 4-door station wagon. First introduced in 1971, the AMC (American Motors Corporation) Matador was produced through 1978, when the struggling company finally let go of the model. The 1973 model was the last year for the first generation of the Matador, and was the last model to be produced before a major redesign. Engine options included either of the inline 6 cylinder engine as well as a V8. Slightly different bumpers made the model better equipped to withstand a fender-bender with little or no damage at low speeds. This was due, in part, to new safety regulations for that year.

As many automobile company moved away from larger vehicles, so too did AMC. To replace the failed Matador, AMC began producing the Concord following the Matador’s discontinuation. For the most part, a restored Matador can be purchased for a small price, which can be lucrative for those who enjoy making smaller improvements for the sake of doing so, but it will not fetch a big profit upon the decision to sell.

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