1952 Kaiser Manhattan

Between the years 1947 and 1955, an independent auto company, produced a vehicle which exuded the elegance and sophistication of one from the much larger, more established automotive companies. This was a feat which was and is often seemingly impossible. The Kaiser-Frazer Corporation was formed in 1945, and production began only two years later. The Kaiser Manhattan gave customers surprising fuel economy and roomy seats, but it was reasonably affordable as well. Let’s take a look at the 1952 Kaiser Manhattan to find out more about this great classic car.

With a new bumper, teardrop taillights, and rear fender fins, the 1952 Kaiser Manhattan had a great exterior, and the interior color options were just as nice. With a starting sticker price of $2,601, it was a car that families could afford if they chose (the price is equivalent to about $22,600 and change in today’s dollars). The vehicle had a wheelbase measuring 118.5 inches. Under the hood, one would find an I-6 engine, measuring 226.2 cubic centimeters. The engine could produce 115 horsepower. Though the production numbers for the 1952 Kaiser Manhattan were relatively low, the company produced just under 18,000 units of the model that year.

Although the Manhattan, and indeed, even the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation, did not last long, it certainly left a mark on auto history. It remains a favorite among classic car enthusiasts to this day, in part because of its sleek looks and exceptional comfort, but also because of its practicality.

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