1949 Willys Jeepster

There’s something about a Jeep, and anyone who owns one, whether it’s a classic car or not, would definitely agree. There’s nothing like driving down the road and spotting another Jeep, and knowing the subtle wave both drivers exchange can be explained in one quick phrase: “it’s a Jeep thing.” The story of the Jeep begins long ago, and there have been several different Jeep models over the years.

Jeeps have outlasted several different ownerships and producers, but they have maintained the iconic look to the front end. Beginning with Willys-Overland Motors, the Jeep was passed to Kaiser Motors, which would later become Kaiser-Jeep, it was then passed to American Motors Corporation, and from there, Renault purchased a large amount of stock in the company. Eventually, it ended up with Chrysler, where it remains.

Today, we’re focusing on the 1949 Willys Jeepster. Willys-Overland Motors first produced the Jeepster from 1948-1950 in Toledo, Ohio. The 1949 Willys Jeepster, though, had two different engines, one being the L134 Go Devil I4, which produced 62 horsepower at 3,900 rpm. For a little more speed, a buyer could also choose the L148 Lightning I6 engine, which produced 72 horsepower at 4,000 rpm. The two-door convertible had a three-speedmanual transmission. Since the price to buy a Jeepster had previously been a sore spot among consumers, Willy-s Overland Motors was careful to do their best to keep that cost down for this model year. It cost about $1500, which is equal to about $14,600 today. The price was about $300 ($2900 today) less expensive than the previous model year.

It might be “a Jeep thing,” but one thing is certain, anyone can appreciate the cool looks of this classic car.

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  1. Delane says:

    I love this car! I may even begin liking the color orange after seeing this bad boy!

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