1969 Dart 440

1969 Dart 440

'69 Dart 440The 1969 Dart 440 was a performance-minded model for the fourth generation of Chrysler’s Dodge Dart. Recently revived by Dodge, the Dart originally ran from 1960 to 1976 and provided consumers with a full-size, mid-size, and a compact car during its lifetime. The Dart evolved over the years as demand for smaller and smaller cars increased in the American marketplace.

As a compact, the success of the Dart could not be rivaled by competitors. But Dodge made special versions of the car as well. The 1969 Dart 440 represented the brand’s best performance in a cool muscle car. As part of the fourth, and final, generation, the 1969 Dart 440 GTS was introduced as a performance-oriented model that buyers loved.

'69 Dart 440Dodge first brought out the GTS in 1968 with a standard 340-cubic inch V8 engine. A big-block, 383-cubic inch V8 was also available for an extra cost. The 1969 Dart 440 was the true muscle car, though, with its big, 440-cubic inch engine and performance details. Buyers could get the car as a hard top or a convertible.

The 1969 Dart 440 may not have been the most practical car for everyday driving, but they were stellar on the race track and drag strip. In fact, the inclusion of the 440 engine in the 1969 models was probably motivated by racing. The previous GTS models were not competitive on the track because of their smaller engines. By putting a 440-cubic inch engine V8 or a 426-cubic inch hemi, Dodge elevated its little Dart to muscle car and race car status.

'69 Dart 440The Dodge GTS models, especially the 1969 Dart 440, are often overlooked today by muscle car collectors. They hold a special place in the hearts of many, though, as a smaller example of a classic Mopar muscle car and these fans will happily point out all the great aspects of this fantastic car.

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