Get that Las Vegas Swagger

Get that Las Vegas Swagger

'63 Ford FalconWhen you want to impress the ladies with a little Las Vegas swagger, there is nothing like the look from the 1960s. The casual elegance that defined the Rat Pack of the 1960s has been modernized by the gents in the film Oceans 11. Once you get the look, the car, and the music, you can cruise any strip is comfort and style.

1964 Ford FalconWhen you begin looking for the perfect casually elegant suit, stay far away from anything that a banker, high school principal, or politician would wear. Your suit should fit perfectly, but there should be some signature item – like a perfectly tailored suit coat and crisp shirt, but with perfectly tattered jeans. You can wear a tie, but make sure it is loose. The look that Brad Pitt wears in the film Oceans 11 defines the classic elegance that screams Rat Pack swagger.

The next step to looking like you own the town is to find a subtle, but fun car from the 1960s. A Ford Falcon convertible from 1963 would turn just enough heads. The Ford Falcon or a Mercury Comet in a dark color like gold or black does not scream “look at me” – but it does show that you appreciate an iconic automobile. A man with the Vegas swagger does not need to rev engines or show off in a bright red car to get noticed, plus having a convertible shows that you are confident enough that you do not care if your hair gets a bit messy, too.

'64 Ford FalconWhile you are cruising around in your gold Ford Falcon convertible, the right music shows your laid-back, confident style, too. There are a handful of artists that can capture the swagger that a man driving a 1960s Ford Falcon convertible while wearing an elegantly casual suit with a properly loosened tie should listen to while cruising the Las Vegas Strip (or any strip for that matter): Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and if you dare, a little bit of Perry Como will show your true casual swagger.


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Get that Las Vegas Swagger
When you want to impress the ladies with a little Las Vegas swagger, there is nothing like the look from the 1960s.

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