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American Motors Custom and Classics

American Motors Custom and Classics
American Motors Custom and Classics LogoAmerican Motors Custom and Classics is a classic car dealer, buyer, and seller based in San Jose, California. This family-owned and operated business started out as a hobby, but is backed by decades of experience buying and selling new and used cars. For buyers, sellers, collectors, new enthusiasts, and anyone needing financing and shipping to go along with a classic car purchase, American Motors is the place to go.
American MotorsWith decades of experience owning and running a Toyota dealership in San Jose, the owner of American Motors decided to turn his passion for classic cars into a spin-off business. When you work with American Motors you know that you are working with someone that has years of experience owning a dealership and working with cars. Whether buying or selling, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are dealing with someone who has a solid reputation to go along with his experience with cars, old and new.

1955 Chevy Bel Air

1955 Chevy Bel Air, 150 & 250

1955 Chevy 210

1955 was a good year for the Chevrolet branch of General Motors. The 1955 Chevy models were the first to include the legendary small block V8 that the car company has produced longer than any other engine. No other engine in the world has been mass-produced for so long. At the time, though, the V8 was only an option on the 1955 Chevy models, which included the 150, 210, and Bel Air.