Cars with Suicide Doors

Cars with Suicide Doors

1940 Chevy Master DeluxeIn the automobile world, most cars come with standard doors with hinges placed at the front of the panel. Front doors attach to the front of the car and rear doors attach to a b-pillar that separates the front passenger compartment from the back compartment. With suicide doors, the hinges are attached to the back of the door panel. Some four-door cars are made without b-pillars, so front doors have hinges at the front, but the rear doors have hinges at the back. Suicide doors are usually added to luxury cars, because they allow passengers to get out with more open space for their legs. These are some cars that come with standard suicide doors:

1935 Chevy Master: This classic pre-war sedan had suicide doors on the four-door model. The Master Deluxe, which was the more expensive version also came standard with suicide doors.

'78 Cadillac Eldorado1957 Cadillac Eldorado: The Eldorado known as the “chipmunk cheeks” trim and quad headlights came with suicide doors. The the four door trim had small rear doors opened from the back giving the rear passengers significantly more room to get in and out of the car. The car did not have a B-pillar, making the opening bigger than other similar cars of the day.

Post-war Desoto: Many of the four-door Desoto models came with suicide doors, especially the 1946-1948 S-11 models.

2003+ Honda Element: This is one of the more modern cars with suicide doors, but instead of creating luxury, Honda decided to add them to make more room for cargo. The front doors were traditional, but the lack of a B-pillar and rear suicide doors made it easy for owners to put big cargo in the back of the alternative utility vehicle.

'66 Lincoln Continental1960+ Lincoln Continental: These luxurious four door sedans and convertibles all came with suicide doors in the time between 1961-1967. The Lincoln Continental sedan suicide doors lasted through 1969. B-pillars needed to be used in later models due to the need for seat belts. The Lincoln Continental models from the 1960s continue to be seen in film where tough characters in the passenger seats and they can use the suicide doors for quick escapes.



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