Expensive Cars to Repair

Expensive Cars to Repair

'94 Dodge ViperAnyone who has ever owned a car knows this statement to be true: Cars are not cheap to own. Taking the cost of the car, insurance, fuel, and maintenance into account, the actual cost to own the car is usually close t double the cost of the actual monthly car payment that people pay. Yes, many cars come with excellent warranties, but once those run out, the actual cost to repair several makes and models can be absolutely outrageous. These are a few of the highest:

Dodge Viper: One of the most common repairs on the Dodge Viper is the front spoiler which hangs very low and is easy to scrape. Due to the fact that Dodge makes very few Vipers annually, parts are not always easy to find. The high price of the car, but the high cost of maintenance, makes the Dodge Viper a car that is for men and women with deep pockets.

'69 Porsche 911Porsche 911: Whether you own a convertible or a coupe, you will quickly find out how expensive it is to repair a Porsche 911. In many cases, the repair costs are not wrapped up in the actual parts, but in finding someone who is certified to repair the car. The labor that goes into properly repairing each Porsche is usually more expensive than repair for other makes.

Kia Sorento: This might seem like a surprise, because this is not the most expensive car to purchase. However, it does seem to require numerous repairs, which adds up over time.

Volkswagen Touareg: Not only does the Touareg come with a name that is difficult to pronounce, but it also comes with the need for several hefty repairs. Sadly, the high cost of repairs come from issues like exhaust and emissions systems instead of body dings and dents.

71 Chevy CorvetteChevy Corvette: It is certainly one fast and furious car, especially if you buy the ZR1 with its 600+ horsepower, but all that high tech machinery under the hood and the attractive carbon-fiber exterior makes it extremely expensive to repair. Fortunately, for most Corvette owners, caring for the car of their dreams is often a labor of love.



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