1970 Buick GSX

1970 Buick GSX

Buick GSX

Photo Courtesy of GM Authority

After much anticipation, General Motors finally lifted its self-imposed ban on engines bigger than 400 cid, and the result was worth celebrating. New muscle cars were introduced with bigger engines and more power than ever before. The 1970 Buick GSX was one such model, and a much coveted one, at that. Several things about this car made it special at the time, and some of these same things help keep the car at the forefront of the minds of muscle car collectors and restorers to this day.

Among the first of the improvements was the addition of the GS 455 engine, a V8 engine that allowed for greater speed and aggression from under the hood. The GSX then had a 350 bhp rating at 2800 rpm with  the new engine, which was a force to be reckoned with. At the time, only two other vehicles out-performed the GSX in this area, both were Cadillacs. Other options and upgrades were available, which makes finding a GSX with those upgrades can be easier said than done. Fewer than 700 units of the 1970 GSX were produced, and hundreds were sold without the upgrades. Originally intended as a response to the Pontiac GTO Judge, the model did not enjoy quite as much popularity at the time and is not quite the legend that is the GTO, but it impressed nonetheless because of the lift on the engine size ban.

Buick GSX

Photo Courtesy of mecum.com

Two color options, Saturn Yellow and Apollo White were available for the GSX during the 1970 model year, but more were added later. Though relatively few units were produced, many of them still survive. The original price for a base model was around $4,478 (about$26,555 today), but some restored models have fetched close to $80,000 in recent years at a Barrett-Jackson auction.

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