A Must Visit: The Sloan Museum Buick Gallery

A Must Visit: The Sloan Museum Buick Gallery

Buick SkylarkIf you are fan of baseball you are certainly going to want to visit the Baseball All Of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Getting to the roots of the beast and experiencing all that history in one place is an extraordinary experience.

Classic Buick fans can have the same type of experience by visiting the Buick Gallery that is a part of the Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan.

Buick InvictaBefore we even begin to give you some of the details regarding the Buick Gallery, the setting itself is of significant importance. Flint, Michigan is one of the cradles of the automotive industry in the United States. If you really have a passion for classic Buick automobiles Flint is a place that is ground zero and you can smell the automotive history in the air.

The Buick gallery of the Sloan has one of the most exciting collections of vintage Buicks anywhere to be found in the world. Among the highlights would be the prototype vehicles which include the 1954 Wildcat II, the 1964 Silver Arrow I and the 1977 Phantom.

The only days of the week that the gallery is closed are on Sundays and Mondays. The hours of operation from Tuesday through Friday are 10am – 5pm, and tours are offered on Saturdays at 11 in the morning and at one o’clock and three o’clock in the afternoon.

Buick LeSabreAnother nice thing about the Buick Gallery of the Sloan Museum is that they don’t charge an arm and a leg to get in and examine all these amazing classic Buick automobiles. The admission price for adults is just nine dollars, and the admission for seniors is eight dollars. Children can get in for six bucks each and if you are a true classic Buick fan you really owe it to your kids to give them an opportunity to see these historic vehicles

To learn more, simply visit the Sloan Museum Buick Gallery website.

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