Classic Buick Wildcat

Classic Buick Wildcat

Buick WildcatOne vehicle that is of particular interest to many people who love Buicks of days gone by is the Buick Wildcat, a vehicle that became a model in his own right for the 1963 model year.

During the 1950s midsize cars were largely boxlike for want of a better description, and these classics are extremely cool in their own right so we are not taking anything away from them.

Buick WildcatHowever, time marches on and as it does marketing minds are always looking to introduce something new to the buying public.

Styling trends have always tended to change decade by decade, and when the 1960s rolled around a sleeker look started to come into vogue. The Buick Wildcat was exemplary of this model, a lithe, quick beast that had substance as well as style.

The Wildcat was actually first introduced as a sub-series within the Buick Invicta line in 1962, boasting a lot of muscle with a 325 hp 401 cubic inch Nailhead V8 engine. This engine was still standard when the Wildcat became a stand alone model for the 1963 model year, but you could get added power if you wanted to with the 425 cubic inch Nailhead V8.

Transmission options on the first-generation Buick Wildcat included a 2-speed Dynaflow automatic, 3-speed TH-400 automatic, and a three-speed on the column manual. (If you have never driven a car with a standard transmission on the column you don’t know what you’re missing.)

Buick WildcatDuring it’s production the Wildcat was offered as a two-door hardtop, a two-door convertible, a four-door hardtop and a four-door sedan.

The car lasted through the 1970 production run, and the Wildcat’s place in the Buick lineup was replaced by the Centurian for the 1971 model year. However, it is a car that made its mark in the annals of General Motors history and these vehicles will always be a favorite of classic Buick fans.

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