Serious Collectible: Select 60 Buick Reatta

Serious Collectible: Select 60 Buick Reatta

1990 Buick ReattaOne little known car in the collectible world is the Buick Reatta Select 60. All of the Buick Reatta models were made by hand, making each of the more than 21,000 cars special to General Motors and to their owners. These luxury sports cars were made for just a few short years, between 1988 and 1991. While the majority of the Buick Reatta models are overly collectible, there are a few select ones – called Select 60 – that truly are.

Special Models for a Select Group of Dealers

1989 Buick ReattaThe Select 60 had a special emblem that designated them as the special models. The Select 60 emblems were placed on 60 Reattas that were delivered to 60 lucky dealerships. Over the years, many of the emblems were removed from the original vehicles and added to Reattas that were not a part of the special program. If you are able to actually find a real Select 60 Reatta, you have a very unique car.

Identifying a Real Select 60

1989 Buick Reatta

It is actually rather easy to identify a real Reatta Select 60. They were all built with the same color scheme: black exterior and tan interior with 16-way seats. Their VIN numbers were built within a short range, beginning at 901060 and ending at 901120. The third and final identifier is on the Service Parts label on the inside of the driver’s side door. The label should read X22.

Be Careful Before Making a Purchase because so few people actually know about the Select 60. There are sellers who have an easy time taking advantage of people looking to get a great deal on a rare and collectible car. The Select 60 Buick Reatta collection is easy to fake by simply adding the emblem and painting the car black. Anyone who is considering purchasing one of the ultra-rare Select 60 Reattas should do thorough research before putting any money on the car.

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