The Buick Club Of America

The Buick Club Of America

Buick Club of America LogoIf you are into classic Buicks you probably have a lot of specialized knowledge about these particular vehicles. The average person who winds up sitting next to you at the local watering hole is probably not going to have anywhere near as much information about these cars as you do. It’s likely that some of what you say about collectible Buicks will sound like Greek to the uninitiated.

This is why it is so enjoyable to get around people who love classic Buicks as much as you do. Many old school Buick fans will circle certain dates on their calendars each year and head out to some classic car shows and cruises, and this is a lot of fun as you get to mingle with like-minded people. We will in fact be highlighting some of the great shows take place around the country that feature classic Buicks from time to time on this blog.

Buick RoadmasterAnother way to network socially with people who are classic Buick fans is to join a car club. One club you should certainly look into if you are a true Buick enthusiast is the Buick Club of America. The central hub of this club is located in Columbus Ohio, but they have regional chapters all over the country so you can participate regardless of where you live.

This is a very active group and there are many different events to attend throughout the year. On their website you can also find forums within which you can interact with fellow Buick fans and discuss any number of relevant subjects. The Buick Club of America is definitely a fantastic outlet for classic Buick fans and you can explore it in detail and obtain membership information by visiting their website.

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3 Responses to The Buick Club Of America

  1. Frank Manzullo says:

    Need a 1936 Buick Series 40 shift lever pivot. Mine is worn out and want to replace.

    Do you know a goos source for vintage Buick trans parts?


  2. JOHN M.STECZ says:

    I own a 1976 buick regal S/R with the Hurst T-tops conversion. I bought the car new and it is in excellent shape with only 30000 miles on it How many did they produce with the Hurst conversion

  3. Very interesting subject, thank you for posting.

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