Classic Car Club Of America

Classic Car Club Of America

Classic Car Club of America LogoLovers of classic cars enjoy getting together and sharing their passion, and ever since 1952 many of them have been able to network and simply have fun together by joining the Classic Car Club Of America.

Ford Model TA lot of people who are into older cars love the vehicles that they grew up with in the 1950s and 1960s and there are a lot of clubs that are comprised of people who are heavily into the cars of this era.

However, the Classic Car Club Of America was founded before most of these vehicles were developed, and it has stuck to its original focus which is vehicles that were built between 1919 and 1948.  In addition to the year, a car must also demonstrate high quality and superior engineering to be considered a true classic as defined by the Classic Car Club Of America. These would be cars that were produced in relatively small numbers that carried a significant price tag for the era during which they were built.

The Classic Car Club Of America holds what are called Grand Classics where vehicles are shown and judged, and these extravaganzas are something that you really shouldn’t miss if you want to see some of the most extraordinary classic cars in existence today. The last Grand Classic event in 2011 was the Ohio Region show that took place on September 17.

The first big event for the Classic Car Club Of America in 2012 will be the big annual meeting that is being held in Palm Beach Florida on January 5-9.

Ford Model ATo find out more information about the Classic Car Club Of America, exactly what they consider to be a classic car and how to join, simply visit their website and we hope to see you at a future CCCA event!

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