Classic Car Transport

Classic Car Transport

'72 Chevy NovaOwning a classic or antique car can be a great joy, but also comes with some problems. For instance, how do you get your new car home if it doesn’t run or if you are hesitant to drive your precious new find on a long journey? Fortunately for you and other collectors and enthusiasts, there are several businesses that offer classic car transport.

Before you ring up the first classic car transport business you hear of and hire them to move your treasured vehicle, there are some things you should keep in mind. First, be sure that the company you hire actually has experience with classic car transport. Shipping companies move a lot of different things, but to be certain that your car will be treated with care, go with one that knows how to move an older vehicle without damaging it.

1969 Plymouth BarracudaOne great way to hunt down a company that has experience with successfully transporting classic cars is to ask around and get references. Check with the members of your car enthusiast groups and find out who they have used and the companies they recommend. There is no better reference than one that comes from a fellow collector.

Once you have selected a potential classic car transport company to move your vehicle, be sure to ask a lot of questions. If the business is reputable and good at what they do, they should be happy to answer all questions you have and to address all your concerns. Find out about rates, guarantees, and insurance to give yourself peace of mind.

'79 Chevy CamaroHowever you decide to transport your antique or classic car, there is one aspect on which you should insist: a cover. Never allow your car to be transported on an open trailer. There is too much risk of damage when your car is exposed to the elements. The longer the journey, the more likely it would be to get chips and dents from flying debris and from the weather.

If you take the time to research companies for classic car transport, take the advice of others, and make sure you are comfortable with how the car is being moved, you should be able to get your collectible vehicle from one place to another with few worries.

To find transport options for you and your classic car, please click here.

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