Collector Car Clubs

Collector Car Clubs

You will often hear people talk about the “good old days” but there is an interesting and somewhat amusing angle to consider along these lines. When exactly the good old days were is not something that is universally agreed-upon in most cases.

If you’re like we are, you probably think that the years that you came up in would fit this description. But of course our parents and grandparents thought that our generation had it all wrong and that they were from the “good old days.” So it all depends who you talk to when it comes to the good old days.

However, fans of classic cars are in a different category altogether. We can see the beauty in all of the different eras that have come before the present day in the form of rubber, glass, chrome, and steel.

Chevrolet ChevelleIn a very real sense collector cars are slices of history, and as a whole they represent a timeline that tells us a lot about what being American is all about on a number of different levels.

The above having been said, collector cars are a passion for many people in the United States and outsiders sometimes have a hard time understanding why. But like the slogan that you see sometimes says, it’s kind of like this: “If we have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand.”

This blog is devoted to those who do understand, and we will be highlighting different collector car clubs across the country on a consistent basis. If you are into collector cars you will want to bookmark this blog, visit often, and leave comments to rev up the conversation as we take a look at collector cars from all generations.

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