Footman James Classic Motor Show

Footman James Classic Motor Show

Footman James Classic Motor ShowThe Footman James Classic Motor Show is the largest and most attended classic car show in the UK. Over 1,400 cars are exhibited at this annual event, sponsored by the Footman James Insurance company. This provider of specialty insurance offers policies for covering classic cars and classic motorcycles.

Held every year in November, the Footman James Classic Motor Show sets up shop in Birmingham and sees thousands of car enthusiasts over the course of three days. It is considered by many to be the grand finale of the classic car show season in the UK and it is definitely the largest. Visitors to the show can expect to see more than just a display of classic cars and bikes. In addition to the impressive collections, you will also find the UK’s largest gathering of companies selling car-related products and services.

Footman James Classic Motor Show For those going to the Footman James Classic Motor Show to simply enjoy seeing the collections, there are extremely rare cars, examples of some of the oldest motor vehicles ever made, famous cars from movies and television, American classics, and racers with everything in between. In addition to the showcase of desirable cars, enthusiasts can also meet up with their favorite auto clubs at the Footman James Classic Motor Show. Representatives from over 200 clubs come to set up a station here.

The Footman James Classic Motor Show is a practical gathering as well as a showcase for outstanding vehicles. Here you can visit the restoration theatre to learn about doing various restoration projects and basic classic car maintenance. You can also shop around for products and services related to cars. If you have ever searched high and low for a rare part, the odds are you will find it here.

Footman James Classic Motor Show Of course, not to be forgotten is the fact that you can buy your next dream car at the Footman James Classic Motor Show. Not only can you buy from dealers and individual sellers, you can also participate in the auction for the high-end cars. Whatever your interests are, as long as they are car related, you will find something to enjoy at the UK’s premiere car show.


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