Greater New Orleans Corvette Club

Greater New Orleans Corvette Club

Greater New Orleans Corvette Club LogoThere are a few places around the country that would be especially interesting to visit or move to, and without question New Orleans, Louisiana would certainly have a place on this list.

The “Big Easy” is rich with culture on a number of different levels, from music, to food, to architecture, to a unique type of diversely. And of course, let’s not forget that the party never stops in the French Quarter.

There is a certain excitement in the air in New Orleans at all times and this is something that keeps bringing visitors back year after year while attracting new residents daily.

There are also a good many classic car fans in the New Orleans area and it is a lot of fun to cruise around the streets and show people what you’ve got as you observe the party scene going on. You can also take cruises out of the city as well as you take in the countryside and let your car breathe a bit.

If you are classic Corvette fan in the New Orleans area, a good club to consider joining is the Greater New Orleans Corvette Club. The membership is over 300 strong, and the club has been gaining steam since its founding in 1988. This a very active club and there is always something fun to do on the schedule including road trips, car shows, and even some racing for those who are so inclined.

There’s nothing like socializing with people who like Corvettes as much as you do, and if you live around New Orleans this club may be right up your alley. To obtain membership information, check out the upcoming schedule, view pictures of member’s cars and generally get a feel for what the Greater New Orleans Corvette Club is all about simply visit their website.

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