Lady Luck Car Club

Lady Luck Car Club

Alright, Ladies, here’s a classic car club just for you: the Lady Luck Car Club. There aren’t many classic car clubs that cater solely to women who appreciate the older models, but this one is hoping to change that. Betty Anne, the proud founder of Lady Luck Car Club, noticed that for women who appreciated the inner and outer beauty of some of the best classic cars had few places to turn when it came to finding others who also enjoy the hobby.

Based in Oakland, California, Lady Luck Car Club, has members who own pre-1972 vehicles, and the members come from all down the West Coast. There is a catch, though: the women who join must own their classic car and have a good idea of how it works. The website is quick to acknowledge that even the most enthusiastic classic car lover is still constantly learning about the car. There are no monthly dues to be a part of the club, and members enjoy a few free benefits as well.

More information about this classic car club should check out the website, here, and anyone wishing to join should send an email to

Are you a member of the Lady Luck Car Club? What do you love about it? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Amie A. (LLCC Member) says:

    Love my sisters!

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