Muscle Car Club

Muscle Car Club

Pontiac FirebirdSome classic car clubs have a specific model or era on which they focus. Others embrace just about any car of old, and still others true “fixer-uppers” that are certainly not lacking in rust, which many fondly call “character.” For the Muscle Car Club, all things about American Muscle Cars can be fascinating. They proudly claim to have compiled some of the most extensive information about the vehicles, including statistics, pictures, and much more. The website’s landing page provides a brief introduction to the club, and upon entering the site, visitors are greeted with large pictures of some of the most popular muscle cars.

Chevrolet ChevelleThe club obviously enjoys its nostalgia for the years of fast cars, big engines, and sleek designs that were both agressive and impressive. On the website, the club explains its origins: it began in 1995, originally as the Tiger Shark Institute. After becoming its own entity on the web in 2000, the site suffered a few setbacks and was shut down briefly before its relaunch in 2001

Those interested in joining the club will be happy to know that they will receive an exclusive decal, access to the classic Muscle Car Radio, which plays rock ‘n’ roll from the 50s-70s, just like the tunes that would have been playing as the cars rolled off the production line for the first time. Also part of the benefits includes a 1% finance rate discount from a nationally known company. All these benefits and more are open to members only. For more information, visit the website at

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