Nash Car Club Of America

Nash Car Club Of America

Nash Car Club of America LogoWhen you think back to the earliest incarnations of the “horseless carriage” you may feel a little bit sorry for people who designed horse-drawn carriages and bicycles. After all, this new invention was putting them out of business after they had been providing people with transportation for so many years.

However, when you actually study the early days of automobile manufacturing in the United States you find that a lot of the pioneers were individuals who had previously been manufacturers of carriages or bicycles. So in fact these people did change with the times rather than letting the times pass them by.

The Detroit “Big Three” immediately come to mind when you think about important American automotive manufacturers. However, there are some other companies that had a lot to do with pushing the cause of automotive engineering forward, and one of these is Nash Motors.

Nash Car Club of AmericaCharles W. Nash started the company all the way back in 1916 and Nash automobiles were manufactured through 1954. However, he bought the company that became Nash from the son of a man named Thomas Jeffery who was the inventor of the popular Rambler bicycle. He motorized it eventually and it evolved into the Rambler automobile around the turn of the 20th century.

Classic Nash vehicles are highly sought after by many collectors, and if you are interested in networking with people who are big Nash aficionados you may want to consider joining the Nash Car Club Of America. They offer electronic memberships that provide you with access to the web-based community that they have as well as full standard memberships.

Nash AmbassadorOn the website you can browse countless photos, interact with others, and tap into the “Nash Garage” and really look under the hood. To get it all straight from the horse’s mouth, simply visit the Nash Car Club Of America website.



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