1968 Chevelle SS

1968 Chevelle SS

Chevrolet ChevelleAs the American people began demanding more power and speed for their vehicles during the 1960s, Chevrolet responded with the Chevelle Malibu SS. The vehicle marked Chevrolet’s entry into the world of muscle cars as they fought to stay relevant in an ever-changing market (sounds a lot like today, right?). Though the Chevelle itself was produced from 1963-1977, the SS (Super Sport) was only produced through the 1973 model year. The Super Sport option was available for $162.

Chevrolet ChevelleIn 1968, the Chevelle SS 396 model earned a reputation as being both an affordable and reliable muscle car. The model “outsold every other true high-performance machine of the day” (How Stuff Works). The base model came with a turbo-jet 396 cid engine with 325 bhp, but an upgrade brought a 350 bhp L34 engine. A three-speed manual transmission came standard, but drivers and passengers were in for a bumpy ride- the suspension wasn’t quite up to par with other muscle cars.

Buyers had two body styles to choose from- the 2 door sport coupe or the 2 door convertible for those sunny days. A variety of colors helped to make this model even more popular and certainly offered something for almost everyone. During the 1968 model year, 62,785 Chevelle SS 396 units were produced.

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