El Camino Classics Car Club

El Camino Classics Car Club

If you are a fan of Chevrolet Chevelles it is a lot of fun to be able to get together with other people who see the same thing that you do when they come across one of these incredible vehicles. In a very real sense, the Chevelle is a time capsule of sorts that paints a picture of days gone by.

When you grew up during the period when Chevelles were everywhere it is a walk down memory lane when you see one these cars today, let alone when you get behind the wheel to drive your own.

This is one of those things that you have to be a part of to truly understand, and there is nothing more satisfying than getting together with a group of people who love classic Chevelle automobiles is much as you do.

It can be hard to find such an assemblage in some communities, but if you live in the greater Seattle area a great opportunity exists for you to network with people who like Chevy Chevelles.

Chevy El CaminoThe El Camino Classics Car Club is comprised of area residents who love El Caminos and Chevelles. Though many of the members do in fact own one of more of these vehicles anyone who has an interest in classic cars is welcome to join. They hold monthly meetings and go out on regular cruises as a group and they have an annual El Camino and Chevelle car show. This year’s big event is taking place on June 10, and it is the 20th installment so it is a special one for the club.

Seattle area classic Chevelle fans should certainly feel at home among this group of hard-core enthusiasts. To learn more about the club simply stop by the El Camino Classics Car Club website and poke around–you will be glad you did!

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