GM Muscle: The 1967 Chevelle SS

GM Muscle: The 1967 Chevelle SS

Chevrolet ChevelleMuscle cars were all about relatively light weight coupled with a powerful engine, with the emphasis being placed on performance rather than appearance. This is not to say that muscle cars were necessarily difficult on the eyes, but the point was to keep the cars affordable to everyday people without sacrificing performance. As a result, some of the bells and whistles were kept to a minimum.

Chevrolet ChevelleThe 1967 Chevelle SS was among the early breed of muscle cars, and there were some changes in the 1967 model over the 1966 model year. Nylon belt wide ovals helped the car grip the road better, and front disc brakes became available as well to add to the “driveability” of the Chevelle.  As for the transmission, the standard was a three speed manual but you could order a four speed if you wanted to by kicking down about another hundred bucks. Automatic transmission options were available as well including the three speed turbo Hydra-matic.

The standard engine did not change in 1967. It was still the 396 cubic inch V-8 that was capable of producing 325 hp. There was however a little-publicized dealer conversion that could be purchased during the 1967 model year, the 375-bhp L78 that could be had for an additional $500 or so. It is estimated that just 612 1967 Chevelle SS models were fitted with this engine, so if you can find one of them you’re probably going to want to pounce.

Chevrolet ChevelleIn keeping with the muscle car ethos of trying to keep things affordable the basic 1967 Chevelle SS coupe would run you $2825 and the convertible sold for just over $3000. When you hear these prices you can’t help but wish that you could somehow step back in time with your checkbook at the ready. We can dream, can’t we?

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