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1968 Chevelle SS

As the American people began demanding more power and speed for their vehicles during the 1960s, Chevrolet responded with the Chevelle Malibu SS. The vehicle marked Chevrolet’s entry into the world of muscle cars as they fought to stay relevant in an ever-changing market (sounds a lot like today, right?). Though the Chevelle itself was produced from 1963-1977, the SS (Super Sport) was only produced through the 1973 model year. The Super Sport option was available for $162.

Peach State Chevelle Show

A lot has been said over the years about southern hospitality, and it is not just talk.

When you pay a visit to the southern states you do in fact recognize the genuine warmth and hospitality that is part of the culture. People treat you like they want to be treated for the most part and this makes for a fantastic visit regardless of why you ventured southward.

El Camino Classics Car Club

If you are a fan of Chevrolet Chevelles it is a lot of fun to be able to get together with other people who see the same thing that you do when they come across one of these incredible vehicles. In a very real sense the Chevelle is a time capsule of sorts that paints a picture of days gone by.

When you grew up during the period when Chevelles were everywhere it is a walk down memory lane when you see one these cars today, let alone when you get behind the wheel to drive your own.

The Chevelle El Camino

The “Big Three” of American auto making have always been all about giving the consumer choices. They wanted to have something to offer to everyone and as history will attest they have certainly put out a lot of different models over the years and many of them have been innovative and even experimental on some level.

With the above having been stated, during the 1950s Ford had the idea of providing a hybrid vehicle that was part car and part pickup truck. The result was the Ford Ranchero, which was introduced during the 1957 model year.

Classic Chevelle Resources

If you are a classic Chevelle fan you probably always have an eye out for a potential new purchase.

Now that we are all tuned into the Internet it is easier than ever to track down the exact Chevelle specimen that you have always wanted. You can search over a broad geographic range and there are some websites out there that provide you with a comprehensive marketplace.

The best website that fits this description that we are aware of is FossilCars.com.These folks have apparently put in a whole lot of hard work to provide their visitors with an incredible array of classic cars for sale. And, at any given time they are likely to have a very significant sampling of classic Chevelles that you may be interested in.

’64–’65 Chevelle Malibu SS

The Chevrolet Chevelle that we have all come to know and love was first introduced for the 1964 model year. General Motors put a lot of stock in the Chevelle lineup and there were Chevelles offered in many different body styles including a four-door sedan, a two-door coupe, a convertible and even a four-door station wagon.

However, 1964 was a time when the true muscle car era was starting to take shape. So Chevrolet wanted to have a player within the Chevelle line, and to this end they included the Chevelle Malibu SS or super sport package.