The Chevelle El Camino

The Chevelle El Camino

Chevrolet El CaminoThe “Big Three” of American auto making have always been all about giving the consumer choices. They wanted to have something to offer to everyone and as history will attest they have certainly put out a lot of different models over the years and many of them have been innovative and even experimental on some level.

Chevrolet El CaminoWith the above having been stated, during the 1950s Ford had the idea of providing a hybrid vehicle that was part car and part pickup truck. The result was the Ford Ranchero, which was introduced during the 1957 model year.

It was a smooth running and comfortable coupe of sorts that had a pickup truck bed in the back.This provided people who wanted to have the utility that goes along with a pickup truck without sacrificing comfort and style the best of both worlds.

Chevrolet wanted to follow suit and they came out with the El Camino for the 1959 model year. The first generation lasted through 1960, and the car was discontinued until the 1964 model year when the El Camino became part of the Chevelle line.

The most powerful engine that was initially offered in the 1964 El Camino was a 220 horsepower 283 cubic inch V-8 with dual exhausts and a four barrel carburetor.

Later during that initial model year Chevrolet offered the Chevelle El Camino with a 327 cubic inch V-8 capable of producing 300 horsepower, and this was some significant muscle. For 1965 they were able to up the ante with the 327 that was rated at 350 horsepower. In 1966 the Chevelle El Camino on steroids was available, powered by a big 396 cubic inch V-8 that could generate 375 horsepower.

The second-generation lasted through the 1967 model year and Chevelle El Caminos of this vintage are very popular with many collectors these days. If you have had any personal experiences with the Chevelle El Camino by all means leave a comment below and start up a conversation!

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