TV Shows and Movies Named After Cars

TV Shows and Movies Named After Cars

'65 Corvette Stingray

Who doesn’t love seeing a fast car in a movie? As soon as a car becomes a major piece of a movie, the movie is bound to be a hit. When movie producers actually name their movie after a hot car, their audience has no doubt as to what car will appear in the film. These are a few movies named after the actual cars that are in them:

'72 Gran TorinoGran Torino: The Ford Gran Torino plays a major role in this iconic Clint Eastwood film. Eastwood plays a retired Korean War vet living in the Detroit suburbs in Michigan. Eastwood has to deal with his shady neighbors who have children who try to steal his prized Ford Gran Torino. The gorgeous dark green 1972 Ford Gran Torino is so important to Eastwood, that he risks his life by protecting the car with his shotguns.

Sting Ray: In the mid 1980’s, “Sting Ray” was a popular NBC television show that featured a main character named Ray, who drove a 1965 Corvette Sting Ray. In the show, Ray would drive his Corvette around Southern California where he offers people help in exchange for a variety of different favors. The show won an Emmy for the design of graphics and title.

'67 StingrayCorvette Summer: In 1978, fresh off of his fame in Star Wars, Mark Hamill starred in Corvette Summer with Annie Potts. The movie is about a high school senior and how his prized Chevy Corvette Sting Ray is stolen. The movie is a fluffy summer movie that actually received relatively good ratings back in 1978.

Tucker: The Man and His Dreams: This name of the movie is tied to Preston Tucker, the man who created the Tucker Sedan. The car features the story of Preston Tucker and how he fought the Security and Exchange Commission, but still works to create the Tucker automobile.


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