The Ford Model T

The Ford Model T

Model TThere are a few events in the history of business in the United States that had extraordinary and lasting effects on the way that we live our lives here in America.

Without question, one of these was the introduction of the Ford Model T and every classic Ford fan should be well aware of just how important these vehicles were.

In the earliest days of auto making in the United States, the vehicles were painstakingly crafted by hand. This took a lot of time and it was quite inefficient.

Ford Model TAs a result, the cost of this inefficiency had to be passed along to the consumer. This made automobile ownership out of the reach of ordinary American citizens during the end of the 19th century and for the first several years of the 20th century.

Henry Ford wanted to change all that and he achieved his goal when he came out with the Ford Model T in 1908. Because it was the first Ford produced on an assembly line these cars were much less expensive to produce than their predecessors.

Ford was committed to the idea of pricing the vehicles in a range that made them affordable to the people who were working for him making the cars. This was an innovative idea and it was the first step toward virtually everyone in America owning his or her own motor vehicle.

How popular did the Ford Model T become? This is a very stunning statistic to digest, but in 1927 the 15th million Ford Model T left the factory. To put this in perspective, in 1908 Ford manufactured a total of 10,202 vehicles. In 1923 they churned out over 1.8 million cars.

Henry Ford

Photo Courtesy of Michigan Radio

The Ford Model T remained in production through that 1927 model year. It is a car that transformed America in many ways and it was named the most influential car of the 20th century.

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