A Look At The Ford Torino

A Look At The Ford Torino

Ford TorinoMany of the automotive models that we have come to know and love started out as a sub series within an established model. The Ford Torino is a car that fits this description.

The Torino was an intermediate vehicle that was a part of the Ford Fairlane line originally, and it was considered to be kind of a deluxe Fairlane. The car first made its debut for the 1968 model year and it remained in production through the 1976 model year.

Here in the United States we think of the city of Detroit, Michigan as being the “Motor City.” Of course it got that name because it was the epicenter of auto making in America throughout the dominant heyday of the Big Three.

Ford TorinoHowever, we can sometimes forget that automobile manufacturing played a big role in the development of other countries as well as ours. In Italy, the city of Turin is considered to be the capital of auto making. In the Italian language Turin translates to Torino and this is where the name of the Ford Torino originated.

The Ford Torino hit the ground running when it was introduced in 1968 and sales were strong with a total of 172,083 units being produced. In addition to being popular with the public, the Ford Torino was a hit with the automotive intelligentsia. It was well reviewed in trade publications and in fact the pace car for the 1968 Indianapolis 500 was a Ford Torino GT convertible.

By the time 1971 rolled around the tables were turned. Ford discontinued the Fairlane line and the Ford Torino became the intermediate offering for the company. There was many a Ford Torino tooling around the streets during the 1970s and it is a car that many classic Ford fans who lived through this era truly appreciate today.

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