Introducing The Ford Galaxie

Introducing The Ford Galaxie

Ford Galaxie When you are a classic Ford buff you will inevitably research the history of all of your favorite old school Ford models. Doing this is a lot of fun from a purely automotive perspective, but there are broader lessons that seep into your head whether you’re looking for them or not.

Examining the history of Ford motor vehicles brings you face-to-face with American history as well as automotive history, and this is just how important auto making has been to this country that we call home.

There are countless examples of how automotive trends have reflected the larger picture, and the Ford Galaxie is interesting in this regard. The car was first introduced for the 1959 model year, and this was when the idea of space travel was first entering into the public consciousness.

The so-called “space race” began in  the middle of the 1950s with America and Russia competing, and the possibility of sending a man into space suddenly became more than science fiction.

Ford Galaxie The Ford Motor Company recognized the way that this futuristic possibility was becoming part of the culture and this is why they named their new full-size offering the Galaxie. A varied selection of Galaxie models were introduced during that initial year including two and four-door sedans, two and four-door hardtops, and a two-door ragtop.

Four different engine options were available with the most powerful among them being the 352 cubic inch FE Series V8. Transmission options included a two or a three-speed automatic as well as a three-speed manual.

When you look at this vehicle today its cool factor is off the charts but it certainly doesn’t look space-age by our current standards. However, the Galaxie was around from 1959 through 1974 and it certainly played a significant role in the history of the Ford Motor Company.

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