The Model T at the Bottom of the Mississippi River

The Model T at the Bottom of the Mississippi River

1926 Ford Model TFor anyone who loves a good mystery, and classic cars, Winona, Minnesota has one. The town sits on the banks of the Mississippi River and is home to a big question about an old Model T. What’s it doing at the bottom of the river? According to the local news stations, the car was found during a training activity. A local law enforcement team was being trained in the use of a sonar scanner, to be used for finding drowning victims in the river, when they imaged the nearly 100 year old car, upside down and buried in the silt.

After taking underwater video footage of the car and consulting experts the dive team found out that the vehicle in question, was indeed a Ford Model T. These cars were produced between 1908 and 1927, and Winona County Sheriff, Dave Brand, believes this particular model has been underwater for many, many years.

The mysteries associated with the car are many. How did it get there? Did anyone die in the accident? Was a crime involved, or was this the result of an accident? Crime and records in the county do not go back far enough for Sheriff Brand and his team to be able to answer the questions. They are hoping that someone may remember something about this car and how it ended up in the river, upside down.

'26 Ford Model TWith the help of Winona’s mayor, who is also the director of the Winona County Historical Society, the Sheriff and his staff have developed a few theories about what happened to the Model T. According to local news sources, they uncovered an old photograph that shows an old, wooden bridge and a Model T that had crashed into the guard rail. The bridge no longer exists, but was close to the place where the vehicle was found in the river. Whether the mystery will ever be solved is unknown. The Sheriff plans to keep working the case, and may conduct a dive in the spring to recover more evidence from the car.

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