Informative Books About Fords

Informative Books About Fords

'70 Ford ThunderbirdYes, the Internet is one of the best places to learn about cars, but if you truly want to know as much as you can, books provide the most detailed knowledge. While there are books abound about Ford Mustangs and other hot models, the true Ford fan will have books about the not only the sexy models, but the daily drivers, too.

'70 Ford Mustang BossOne daily driver book that fans of Fords, especially the Ford LTD Station Wagons like the Country Squire, is the paperback book Ford Station Wagons 1929-1991 Photo History by Paul G. McLaughlin. This book was published in 2003 and chronicles the highs and lows of Ford wagons. Along with the stylish pictures, the book also include information about production numbers and options for all of the different model years. Relive the heyday of suburban living in this unique book.

Another unusual title that Ford lovers should add to their libraries is the book titled Ford Police Cars, 1932-1997 by Edwin Sanow. This book was published in 1998, but the information is timeless. Ford fans can learn about the history of Ford offering their vehicles, like the Ford Galaxie and Ford LTD to police departments all over the country. Sanow is an expert in all things police cars and has written several books on the subject.

'57 Ford ThunderbirdLastly, the Standard Catalog of Ford, 1903-2002: 100 Years of History, Photos, Technical Data and Pricing by John Gunnell chronicles the first one hundred years of the company that changed the world. The book has over 350 pages and was published in 2011. It contains everything that you would ever want to know about technical details, prices, grading scales, options lists, and so much more. The book covers makes like the Model T, Model A, Fairlane, Pinto, Ford LTD, all the way to the Ford Escape and Focus.

What are some of your favorite Ford books? Add your titles in the comments section.

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