Stephen King Loves Classic Cars

Stephen King Loves Classic Cars'59 Plymouth Fury

I am huge fan of Stephen King, the man and his books. While I don’t consider myself to be a horror book connoisseur, I am a fan of a well-written book set in the real world (or at least a realistic world). I am also a fan of novelists who are not afraid to show the world what they love. It is obvious that Stephen King has a love of classic cars, because he includes them frequently in his best books.

The most obvious signs of his love of cars comes in the book titled Christine. This book literally is about a car, a 1958 Plymouth Fury, to be exact. The car has a unique history that involves the death of the previous owner’s wife and child inside of the car. As the story continues, more deaths occur and all of them are related to Christine that has taken on some human traits – namely jealousy.

'53 Buick RoadmasterAnother King story with a car in the title is From a Buick 8, which is about a car that resembles an actual 1953 Buick Roadmaster. The car may appear to be recognizable as a Roadmaster on the outside, but on the inside Buick 8 does not have any moving parts and it is able to repair itself when scratched. King builds an alternative ghost story about this mysterious car.

My favorite King novel is Misery about novelist Paul Sheldon who crashes his 1965 Ford Mustang while driving through the mountains in Colorado. He is rescued by Annie Wilkes, who claims to be his biggest fan. She helps him recover, but only with the understanding that he will write a novel just for her. Annie Wilkes’ tortures Sheldon as she holds him captive in her home.

'65 Ford MustangAnother classic car reference occurs in 11/23/63, which is a time-travel novel about the Kennedy assassination. In the novel, the main character, Jake Epping, travels through time to help stop the Kennedy assassination. He arrives in 1958. As he works to make a world for himself during this time, he purchases a 1954 Ford Galaxie Sunliner. The Ford Galaxie helps Epping transform his identity as he adjusts to life in mid-century America. He even shares his thoughts about how the Ford Galaxie makes his 2011 car feel like a cramped box.

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