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The Man Behind the Mustang

As one of the most famous muscle car brands in American history, the Mustang brings a sense of power, speed, and aggression to the road. Having endured years of changing consumer demands and the rising and falling of the economy, the Mustang continues to impress to this day. Behind every great muscle car, though, is a hard-working individual who developed the idea in the first place. Let’s take a look at the life of Lee Iacocca, the man behind the Mustang.

Buying A Classic Mustang

Classic Mustang fans come from a lot of different directions. There are those who presently own a Mustang or multiple Mustangs, but there are also people who remember back to a time when they owned one of these classic cars.

And then there is another group that has always wanted to own a Mustang without ever having had the right opportunity to acquire one.

There’s one thing that all three of these groups have in common: All of these people are probably interested in the possibility of purchasing a Mustang whether it is to add to a collection or start one.

The Mustang II

The Ford Mustang has been around for a long time, and when a model has a very long life it is invariably going to go through a series of facelifts to reflect the changing times. Up to now there have been five different generations of the Mustang, and given the ongoing popularity of the car there will probably be more generations to follow.

In this post we are going to take a look at the second generation that gave us the vehicle known as the Mustang II.

Welcome To The Online Home Of Classic Mustang Fans

There are few if any American cars that are more beloved than the Ford Mustang. The influence that this iconic vehicle has had on the automotive industry cannot be overstated, and its staying power tells you a lot about just how deeply this car has become embedded in the public consciousness.

The Ford Mustang made its debut as a commercially available vehicle in April of 1964, with the car being dubbed a “1964 1/2.” Now here we are late in 2011 and you still seem to see Mustangs on the road everywhere you turn. These cars are still as relevant as it gets and this is quite an accomplishment when you consider the legions of “Johnny-come-lately’s” that have come and gone since the middle of the 1960s.