The Mustang II

The Mustang II

Ford MustangThe Ford Mustang has been around for a long time, and when a model has a very long life it is invariably going to go through a series of facelifts to reflect the changing times. Up to now there have been five different generations of the Mustang, and given the ongoing popularity of the car there will probably be more generations to follow.

In this post we are going to take a look at the second generation that gave us the vehicle known as the Mustang II.

Most automotive enthusiasts are well aware of the name Lee Iacocca. The majority of people would associate him with the period of time when he was the leader of the Chrysler Corporation.

Ford MustangHowever, before he ever moved over to Chrysler he was the president at Ford, a position that he took over in 1970. He was behind the second-generation Ford Mustang that made its debut for the 1974 model year.

He wanted the car to become smaller and get better gas mileage during a period of time when gasoline prices were becoming an issue. The result was the Mustang II.

It is probably safe to say that this incarnation of the car is not the most popular one among true-school collectors, but it was popular with the public at the time to be sure. 1974 Ford Mustang II sales reached a rather robust figure of 385,993.

These cars were indeed small and economical, but they were a bit heavy and lacking in punch—in fact there was no V8 option for the 1974 Mustang. There was however a 302 cubic inch V8 introduced for the 1975 model year.

Ford MustangThis second-generation lasted through the 1978 model year when the Mustang King Cobra was introduced, and that was the swan song for the Mustang II.

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