The Mustang In Movies

The Mustang In Movies

Ford MustangAs classic Mustang fans are quite aware, the Ford Mustang is among elite company when you are talking about iconic American motor vehicles.

The impact that the Mustang had when it was first released in April 1964 really cannot be overstated. You have to remember that smaller cars were a relatively new phenomena. The Ford Mustang was actually influenced by the compact car that was carrying the load for Ford at the time that the Mustang was introduced, that being the rather tame Ford Falcon.

Ford MustangThe Mustang went on to shatter sales expectations and within 18 months one million of these pony cars had found a home in American garages and driveways.

Over the years the Mustang has been featured in a lot of different motion pictures, which is not surprising given its place in American popular culture. One of the most famous appearances of the Mustang on the big screen was as the car driven by Steve McQueen in the chase scene of the 1968 film Bullitt.

McQueen is behind the wheel of a 1968 Mustang GT390 and he is in hot pursuit of an ebony Dodge Charger for some nine nail-biting minutes in one of the most extraordinary motor vehicle chase scenes ever to be recorded on film.

Ford MustangThe Mustang also played a role in some James Bond films, starting with Goldfinger back when it all began in 1964 and in Diamonds Are Forever in 1971. More recently, Kevin Costner’s character in the 1988 baseball film Bull Durham drives a 1968 Shelby Mustang GT350. And, the 2007 Will Smith film I Am Legend features a Shelby Mustang.

Ford hit it big with the Mustang, and it has permeated every nook and cranny of the American consciousness over the years. Classic Mustangs are among the most sought after vintage cars on the marketplace today, and it is going to stay that way as long as we are still getting around on four wheels.

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