1968 Plymouth Belvedere

1968 Plymouth Belveder

1968 Plymouth Belevedere

The 1968 Plymouth Belvedere came close to the end of the life for this model, which Chrysler produced from 1954 to 1970. The first incarnation of the model was the 1951 to 1953 Cranbrook Belvedere. The two-door hardtop came out to compete with the Chevy Bel Air. As was always intended for the Plymouth name, this version of the Cranbrook was a low-cost car. In fact, it was the first, affordable two-door hardtop to come out of Detroit.

1968 Plymouth BelevedereBy 1954, the Belvedere replaced the Cranbrook entirely, and became Plymouth’s high-end vehicle. The 1968 Plymouth Belvedere emerged in the seventh and final generation of the nameplate. 1968 brought about some styling changes to include more of a “Coke bottle” appearance. The roofline changed to mimic that of the Dodge Charger, and the 1968 Plymouth Belvedere also flip-out windows in the rear.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the 1968 Plymouth Belvedere was the introduction of the GTX trim line. With it came the birth of a new American muscle car. In the same year, Richard Petty won the Grand National in NASCAR with the Belvedere GTX. The GTX would eventually become its own model, and the Belvedere name would be out, replaced by the Satellite, but for a couple of years, the two went together.

1968 Plymouth Belevedere The 1968 Plymouth Belvedere GTX came in a two-door hardtop coupe or a convertible body style. It was a more upscale version of a muscle car, as compared to the Plymouth Road Runner, which also had no convertible option. The GTX came standard with a 440-cubic inch engine and included the 426 Hemi as an option. Unlike the Road Runner, the GTX could afford to get dressed up on the outside and the inside. It included lots of chrome features, racing stripes, and an interior to match the upscale Satellite. Today, enthusiasts of the muscle car era love the 1968 Plymouth Belvedere GTX.

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