The Plymouth Fury

The Plymouth Fury

There is a certain mindset that seems to come along with ushering in a brand-new year. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the hard-core reveling that is done by many people.

Partying hard to welcome the new year is a tradition for a lot of folks and as long as it is done responsibly there is certainly nothing wrong with knocking back a few potent potables with your friends and family.

Plymouth FuryIn addition to the above there is often a sense of renewal that goes along with celebrating the new year, and this is all the more profoundly felt when we are entering a new decade. There is a certain excitement that goes along with this, the idea that we are entering into a whole new era full of bright possibilities.

The American automotive industry has reflected this, oftentimes reshaping the landscape as the new decade dawns. For Plymouth, the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 60s included some innovations, and one of these was the introduction of the classic car, the Plymouth Fury as a model in its own right.

The Fury was a subseries of the Plymouth Belvedere from 1956 to 1958, but became its own nameplate in 1959. Plymouth introduced the Sport Fury at its top-of-the-line vehicle, offered as either a two-door hardtop or two-door convertible. The standard Fury of this era was second on the pecking order to the Belvedere.

Plymouth Fury1960 represented a new look for the Fury with a sleeker body style. The most powerful engine that was available during 1960 and 1961 was a 383 cubic inch V8 that was rated at 330 hp. The cars were offered with either a three speed manual or a three speed automatic transmission and weighed in at between 3330 and 3640 pounds depending on the body style.

The Plymouth Fury remained in production all the way through the 1978 model year and it is one of the most iconic nameplates in the history of the brand.

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