Welcome Classic Plymouth Fans

Welcome Classic Plymouth Fans

Plymouth GTXIf you are fan of classic Plymouth automobiles you are going to want to bookmark this blog and come back often. As classic Plymouth fans ourselves we wanted to create an online location where we can celebrate our passion with others of like minds.

These cars are indelibly etched into the memories of people who grew up around them, and even those who came later who are true classic car aficionados recognize the value of this seminal nameplate.

Plymouth Road RunnerPlymouth was a part of the Chrysler Corporation, and the division was created to offer consumers a lower-priced option. The company came into being in 1928 and the earliest Plymouth actually grew out of the Maxwell. The automotive legend Walter Chrysler acquired the Maxwell-Chalmers company earlier in the decade and the Maxwell was more or less the seed for the Plymouth.

You may have read the previous paragraph without recognizing the specific significance of starting a company in 1928. This was the year prior to the infamous 1929 stock market crash that led to the Great Depression. It would seem on the surface as though this is a horrible time to make a move, but history shows that Walter Chrysler’s decision to produce the Plymouth when he did was actually a stroke of genius, or more likely, a stroke of luck.

Because of the fact that the Plymouth was intended for lower-end buyers it was relatively affordable during a time when there wasn’t much money going around to spend on luxury, and the Plymouth division helped to keep Chrysler afloat during a time when other car companies went under.

Plymouth Road RunnerPlymouth held its ground and went on to manufacture some of the most well loved classic American cars of all time until they finally closed shop in 2001.

We look forward to examining the great classic Plymouths here on our blog and we invite you to leave comments and share your own stories, insights, and knowledge.

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