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Ford Fairmont Meets El Camino as a Durango

Ford Fairmont Meets El Camino as a Durango

1972 El CaminoYou might think of the Ford Fairmont as one of Ford’s snoozers from the 1970s and 1980s, but there is one model that still can create a little excitement: the Ford Durango. No, this is not the precursor to the bold and beautiful Dodge Durango; rather, it is a close cousin to the Chevy El Camino. The Ford Fairmont Durango was a special edition car/truck like the El Camino and the Ford Ranchero.

The Legacy of the Woodies

The Legacy of the Woodies

'51 Buick RoadmasterThe last of the real Woodies were made by Buick in 1953. The Buick Roadmaster Woody was built to celebrate Buick’s 50th anniversary. They paid homage to the classic beach cruiser, but added a powerful V8 engine. Their creativity and flawless design made the 1953 Buick Roadmaster a hot collectible. But, the 1953 Buick Roadmaster Woody is not the only beautiful Woody on the market today.

Using Wood to Replace Much-Needed Steel

Classic Truck Parts

Classic Truck Parts

1966 Chevrolet C10Buying and selling or just collecting classic trucks to enjoy is a rewarding hobby. Vintage cars have long been popular with history buffs and those who just love a well-made car, but trucks are coming into their own these days. From the oldest antiques to trucks of the ‘70s, classic trucks are popular. One pitfall of working with them, however, is finding classic truck parts. You may have to search a little harder and a little longer to find parts for trucks of a certain age, but it can be done.

1938 Dodge Humpback Delivery Truck

1938 Dodge Humpback Delivery Truck

1938 Dodge Humpback Delivery TruckThe history of Dodge trucks, which lives on today in modern incarnations, dates to nearly 100 years ago. One of the classics of the Dodge brand is the 1938 Dodge Humpback delivery truck, sometimes also called the humpback panel truck. It was designed for use by businesses making deliveries. Today, collectors and Mopar enthusiasts get very excited about the rare 1938 Dodge humpback delivery truck and the other similar models from the 1930s. They are rare and enthusiasts love to get their hands on them for restorations and custom builds.

Hot Rod Trucks

Hot Rod Trucks

25 Ford Model THot rodding is a pastime, hobby, and for some a devotion, that has a rich history in this country. Dating back to the 1920s or 1930s, it started when young people took cheap, lightweight cars, and modified them for speed and to race each other either in the flat deserts of southern California or in the streets of big cities. The original hot rods were mostly Model A and Model T roadsters, but as hot rodding developed over the years, practitioners got creative and used different types of cars as bases for their hot rods.

Classic Studebaker Trucks

When you think about American automotive manufacturing the area in and around Detroit, Michigan is going to immediately come to mind.

Although the Motor City has indeed been the epicenter of automotive manufacturing in the United States throughout the history of the industry some other cities have played a roll as well. Perhaps surprisingly, one of them is South Bend, Indiana.

Most people will immediately think of the University of Notre Dame when they hear South Bend mentioned, but classic car fans are going to think Studebaker when they hear mention of the city.

Dodge Ram Trucks: The First Generation

Pickup trucks are something truly special, and people who are dedicated pickup drivers would never consider getting behind the wheel of anything else.

Some individuals rely on their truck for work and without question we would be in a difficult position without work trucks to carry their share of the load.

Others don’t need a truck for work but they enjoy the freedom that goes along with owning a reliable workhorse. Anytime you want to move something or tackle a certain type of task your truck is standing by ready to help you get ‘er done.

Ford Model T Pickup

The name Henry Ford is a truly iconic one, not just in the field of auto making but in American business as a whole. A large part of his legacy lies in the fact that he wanted to of bring automobile ownership within reach of ordinary people.

In the beginning, motor vehicles were made individually by hand. As you might imagine, this was very time-consuming and inefficient and the costs involved in the manufacturing efforts were passed along to consumers. In addition, because the going was slow the supply was limited and this drove up the prices as well.

Where Do You Find The Right Classic Truck?

One of the things that makes a collectible car or truck collectible is rarity. This can seem like an instance of overstating the obvious, but this can make it difficult to find the right classic truck.

It’s not like you can go down to any car dealership in your city of residence and take your pick among dozens of different vehicles. You are limited by the relatively small numbers of classic trucks that fit the category you are interested in.

2012 Great West Truck Show

Having a passionate interest in something outside of work really enhances your life on a lot of different levels. This is true for classic truck fans who have the opportunity to indulge their interest in classic trucks in a number of different ways.

One of the advantages is that you can circle your calendar each year and identify events of interest to classic truck aficionados. Many people will plan their vacation schedules around events that are going to draw like-minded classic truck enthusiasts, and this can give you a number of things to look forward to throughout the year.