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Dodge Ram Trucks: The First Generation

Pickup trucks are something truly special, and people who are dedicated pickup drivers would never consider getting behind the wheel of anything else.

Some individuals rely on their truck for work and without question we would be in a difficult position without work trucks to carry their share of the load.

Others don’t need a truck for work but they enjoy the freedom that goes along with owning a reliable workhorse. Anytime you want to move something or tackle a certain type of task your truck is standing by ready to help you get ‘er done.

2012 Great West Truck Show

Having a passionate interest in something outside of work really enhances your life on a lot of different levels. This is true for classic truck fans who have the opportunity to indulge their interest in classic trucks in a number of different ways.

One of the advantages is that you can circle your calendar each year and identify events of interest to classic truck aficionados. Many people will plan their vacation schedules around events that are going to draw like-minded classic truck enthusiasts, and this can give you a number of things to look forward to throughout the year.

This Is The Place For True Classic Truck Fans!

Americans have always had a love affair with motor vehicles, and a vast history exists in the form of classic cars and trucks. Classic truck fans are a special breed, and when you think about the history of trucks in the United States, particularly pickup trucks, you see the true American spirit in action.

Truck owners are generally people who know what it means to “get ‘er done,” and when you look around and see all the things that make America great trucks were a part of the process. Things need to get from point A to point B and it takes well-built American trucks to get them there.